Preparing An NDIS Plan

The participant’s first plan can only include the transition of current support. This gives you time to constantly access participant support and consider other goals to include in your plan when preparing your review schedule.

As the parent or guardian of a person with a disability, you will understand how the disability affects your daily activities. This means that you are in a good position to support this through the NDIS plan management process and capture any additional goals your individual may have.

Things to keep in mind when attending a meeting:

• Reports, functional evaluations and information on failures.
• Good morning, bad scenarios get all the support you need.
• Caregiver Checklist or Mental Health Caregiver Checklist
• Strengths, interests and tasks recorded in daily activities.
• Short and long term documentation.
• Create a workbook of the NDIS plan for participants.
• Caregiver Statement
• Age and evidence of the resident to confirm the participant’s request for access
• The bank account information will only be used for funds from NDIS participants.

It is important to keep a copy of all supporting documentation provided to NDIA and its partners, including the NDIS Planning Workbook, Caregiver Checklist and Activity Records. We also recommend that you keep a record of the communication between you and NDIA or your partner. You must record the date, time and name of that person. It will help you remember all the relevant information later if necessary.

Support adjustment

Define NDIS support coordination.

Coordinate and implement assistance and train participants to participate more fully in the community (Initial assistance coordination, assistance for housing providers, financing and general assistance for participants to connect with their providers to meet their needs) Support, resolution of crisis points, parent education and participatory resilience development.

Assistance coordination time can be included in an individual’s initial plan along with a request to help you and someone to help you find and find the right support and services.

If you are not sure how to connect to the support and services of your community or when you receive your NDIS plan, consider including support coordination time in your plan. The planner informs you if information based on the information provided during the planning meeting is included.

Online security software to support NDIS pre planning and implementation

Tools are provided for parents and guardians of children with disabilities. Free online software is provided to document your individual needs on a secure online platform. Information in a secure online environment makes sharing with teachers, therapists and support staff easy and convenient. You can create a profile that describes your individual needs and abilities and use it to complement your National Disability Insurance Plan (NDIS) plan. At the discretion of the parents/guardians, we may invite you to view or participate in the profile information.